Featured Collector: Dwight Anderson

What does a fellow who oversees 1.3 billion gallons of fuel consumption for the Union Pacific Railroad find fulfilling in tractor restoration? Plenty says Dwight Anderson, a 31-year employee (but now retired) who worked for Chicago & NorthWestern before its consolidation with UP.

Dwight grew up north of Boone, IA on a farm that was generally partial to red-painted farm machinery. He was really excited when he inherited his father’s 1946 Farmall H, as it was the first tractor he had operated at age11. Living and working in Omaha, he’d drive 175 miles to Boone and on each visit he would fire up the H and perform whatever maintenance he could. Later he became interested in other Farmalls and purchased a 1954 Super MTA. The tractors were a good way to relax and his hobby took off. Now he’s trying to have a collection of row crop Supers from the early 50’s.

Between his home in Omaha and the farm in Boone, he has quite a collection of Farmalls, including a 53 Super H, 52 Super C, the 46 H, the 54 Super MTA and a couple of 39 F-20’s, one of which is restored and he says the other is a doorstop. He also has 3 IHC plows, an IHC sickle mower and an IHC barge wagon.

More recently Dwight has developed an interest in plowing. He finds that plowing is a good way to work the tractor. He’s also enjoyed learning how to set up a plow but feels that he still has a lot to learn. Though he enjoys tractor pulling, he finds that the pull only works the tractor for a short period of time while plowing is more constant and longer.

It is his involvement in the Elkhorn Valley Antique Tractor Club (EVAPA), (where he has served as President) that has wetted his appetite to find and restore more tractors. He believes that one of his best experiences was when a couple of EVAPA members helped him overhaul his Super C. It was the first motor that he rebuilt and the fellow club members were very patient and made the project a great learning experience. Though professing that he is not much of a mechanic, he really enjoys learning about each tractor as it is restored. He says the smell of fresh paint, the quiet purr of the motor and the success of seeing a project completed real gives him great enjoyment.

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