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Well winter is just about in the rearview mirror. I hope the winter was good to you. My winter was fine until the ice storm last week. As I turned into our subdivision onto the skating rink road surface a big granite sign jumped out and took a bite out of my pickup’s fender. Not having had an accident for many, many years, I did not know what I should do. I was on private property, and it appeared the only thing damaged was my pickup so do I call the sheriff or do I have to file a state report? I called the sheriff’s office and they said a deputy would meet me at my house and do an accident report. This incident brought a lot of questions to mind.

Who has to report an accident?

Where do you go to report an accident?

Nebraska law requires that any accident that has injury, death, or damage of $1500 or more to be reported within ten days. Police must be notified to investigate if there is any injury or death. This includes public and private property, unattended vehicles, trees or animals causing the accident. I think most people would be shocked if they new how much it cost to repair a vehicle. That $300 pickup bumper is now $1500 to be replaced.

During storms, a lot of law enforcement may decline to investigate a fender bender if there is not an injury. Be sure to exchange insurance with the other party, and do your own accident report. Many law enforcement agencies do not do the accident report.

The deputy did my report, and it was one hour and six pages long. That must be why you see the police at a fender bender for so long.

So where do you go to get a report? Most insurance agencies will help you file, and you can go online to https://dot.nebraska.gov/safety/crash-reporting. This can be done online or you can print the forms to be mailed in. Just remember you have 10 days to do it.

I am not an expert on accident reporting, but at the March meeting we should have a Nebraska DOT representative and if you have more question about accidents I am sure

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