Featured Collector: Larry Greer

It’s one of life’s little miracles that Larry Greer (now deceased) became interested in antique tractors. Larry was born and lived the first 26 years of his life in north Omaha, NE. City living then wasn’t conducive to being exposed to tractors, farm implements or even farm life. After doing his tour of duty in military service, he returned home to marry (wife Cleo) and have a family of three girls and start a long and successful career at Omaha Public Power District.

At the power company he was a foreman for general maintenance for nearly two decades and retired as a foreman for the steamfitter group. He completed 35 ½ years with OPPD and decided to take a break (retirement) and do something else that he would enjoy. Cleo informed him that there would be “no retirement without a hobby to pursue.”

So he just happened to end up at a tractor show in Irwin, IA. In the course of the day he met Arlo North, a fellow EVAPA club member and Arlo and Larry talked at great lengths about what was to become his “new hobby.” Larry said that if he was to learn all that needed to be learned about tractor restoration, he wanted to find a “basket case” tractor and start from the ground up. Arlo felt that Larry should start half way and learn the ropes a little at a time. One week later Larry purchased a 1941 JD A from Arlo with a handshake and a wish for “good luck.” The rest is history as Larry jumped in with both feet and has reworked a different tractor every year since he retired. He has a John Deere A, B, H & G. They are all 1941’s, as that was an exceptional year, according to Larry!! He does all his restoration in a detached two-car garage built specifically to be used as a shop where all the cleaning, mechanical work and painting can be done. Larry has also restored a JD 2-row check planter, a 3-bottom plow, and a two-row cultivator.

Larry is one of the early members of the Elkhorn Valley Antique Power Assn., being a member since 1996. Each year he takes in about 20 or more shows and parades. One weekend a few years back he made three shows in two states. Though he paints in green, he doesn’t feel that any one brand of tractor is better than the other, but says the differences sure make for some interesting conversation.

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