Featured Collector: Craig Voss

When Craig Voss puts on his black cap and maroon T-shirt with the EVAPA logo, it means that somebody is probably going to get to see his nicely restored 1948 Allis Chalmers model “C”with the wide front that day. It seems that the “C” is Craig’s favorite among a whole stable of AC’s. Stored in a 30 x 45 metal building he recently built, he has another C, two B’s, a WC, a WD45 and a D15, as well as a “ton” of tractor parts. He got the tractor bug after his father-in-law took him to a big MM show near Vail, IA. He is hooked on AC tractors mainly because his Grandpa had farmed with them and he also likes the color and style.

Craig, who lives on an acreage in Council Bluffs, IA, came across his favorite tractor quite by accident. He was driving around looking at some other tractors that had been listed in the newspaper; at one of his stops he found this “C” sitting in the overgrown bushes. He took it home knowing that it had serious problems, since it was partly torn down, was missing parts and what wasn’t missing was entirely worn out. It took him three years to restore this tractor, working in his small garage during the warmer months. His wife, Inez, insisted that the garage be used for the family vehicle during the cold winter months.

Craig, as one of the early members of the organization, served as President of the Elkhorn Valley Antique Power Assn. during the 2002 year. He works for Products Unlimited in Omaha as an electrician and machinist. Products Unlimited manufactures non-woven polyester batting that is used as furniture padding and also has a line of air and paint filters. The company builds much of its own production equipment in-house and modifies a lot of the purchased machinery and Craig has a hand in it all.

Craig says he enjoys EVAPA because everyone seems to have a common but not competitive interest in all tractors. He likes getting involved in the events, especially the annual tractor ride and the working exhibits at the annual show. Craig also has a great interest in the process of rebuilding and remanufacturing and his stable of AC’s waiting to be worked on gives him plenty of opportunity.


  1. Please have Craig Voss contact me, I am an old classmate of his and I would like to visit

    • Mr. Elliott, I am sorry but Craig Voss is no longer a member of this tractor club and I don’t have current information on him. I will look thru some old materials and see if I can get a phone number for him and forward your number to him.

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