Happy Birthday to Farmall

Farmall was a prominent brand in the 20th-century trend toward the mechanization of agriculture in the US. Its general-purpose machines’ origins were in row-crop tractors, a category that they helped establish and in which they long held a large market share.

The original Farmall is widely viewed as the first tractor to combine a set of traits that would define the row-crop tractor category.

The traits included (a) ‘tricycle’ configuration (a single front wheel or narrowly spaced pair), high ground clearance, quickly adjustable axle track, excellent visibility all around and under the machine, and light weight; (b) sufficient power for plowing and harrowing, and a belt pulley for belt work; and (c) all at low cost, with a familiar brand and an extensive distribution and service network. The first group of traits allowed for more nimble maneuvering and accurate cultivation..

The Farmall Tractors lead this country following the great Depression and World War one. The Farmall Tractor made it possible for the American Farmer to feed the World.

A total of over 5 million were made by the Farmall Tractor Company