Featured Collector: Benny Benschoter


More than 25 years ago, Benny Benschoter got a Christmas gift that reminded him of his wonderful small-town childhood – this 1941 Oliver. However, his present wasn’t like most Christmas gifts, it lacked the sparkle, shine and glisten. The unrestored tractor was just like the one he worked with on his uncle’s farm in Kossuth County, Iowa, as a teenager during the World War II years. He received the old tractor as a gift from his oldest daughter’s (Brooke Ann) family. The Model 70, which was found on a farm in northeast Kansas, was in need of major work and Jeff Gravert of Central City, NE, was recruited to do the restoration. After 208 paid-hours and four years of tractor parts locating and restoration, Gravert delivered the tractor to Benny’s home in mid-city Omaha, where it still lives in a nearby-garage that was built to hold a Model T car. Benny takes this treasure to local shows and parades in eastern Nebraska/western Iowa area. He says he has immense pride when he travels along a parade route and he gets big smiles and big thumbs-up from the retired farmers and other tractor admirers along the way. Benny is a member of the Elkhorn Valley Antique Power Assn with its 145 multi-brand members and served as an officer in that organization for 12 years. He is also a less-active member of other area clubs including the Iowa Cornbelt Oliver Collectors. Benny showed his 70 at the national Hart-Parr Oliver show in Albert City in 2015 where it gained many admirers. Following the show he trailered his tractor to Algona, Iowa and placed it permanently in the Kossuth County Agriculture and Motorsports Museum for others to admire.

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